Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Things Tuesday

B goes off to University

In honor of B going off to University, and the mixed feelings I have about it... I give you one of my favorite songs from one of B's favorite movies.

Scout Camp

I got home from Scout Camp on Saturday.  Camp Steiner is an amazing place.  At 10,400 feet above sea level it's the highest elevation Boy Scout camp in the US, and the place rocks and has many... rocks.  I was up there with my son (Buddy) and his troop.  And... for a bunch of 12 year olds, they didn't have a lot of scout spirit.  At morning flag, they didn't cheer, or sing or anything... so I told them that if they came up with a cheer and started to participate more... I would compete in the scout master belly flop contest into Scout Lake (a glacier fed, alpine lake... FYI).  Well, they were all over that.  So they came up with a cheer, that even involved bag pipes (one of the boys plays) and so... I flopped... twice.  Did I mention that Scout Lake is a Glacier Fed Alpine Lake?  And that at its warmest, it's MAYBE a degree or two above Slurpee?

Anything for the boys, Right?


Redhead Running said...

What, no pictures?

Murph said...

Pictures!?! Ya... Right!

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