Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I Got Nothin’

On my (almost) one mile walk to the bus stop at 6 this morning, I had a great idea for my Two-Things-Tuesday post.  It was an amazing idea, it made me laugh, it made me cry… honestly… I could have won a Pulitzer for this post.  And then, I got on the bus, pulled out my notebook so that I could jot down a few a few notes, but alas, at that moment the idea escaped me.  Yep, it flew right out of my earholes for parts unknown.

Even now, as I write this lame post, my early morning idea is sunning itself on a beach somewhere, drinking a cold cerveza with a wedge of lime.

Well, good riddance to you… you… Idea!

A whole lot of Hoot… with just a little bit of Nanny.

Last night, BB’s friends came over for just one last hoorah before they all go to their separate colleges.  They’re a good group of kids, and I’ve loved having them all around.  So, after few minutes of raiding my kitchen, they all decide that they’re going to head over to Yogurt Land (one of those frozen yogurt places where you pay by the ounce) so that they could talk… and do… whatever it is that teenagers do these days… (I am so old…)

Along about 9:30, I get a call from BB.
“Dad,” she says above the din of Yogurt Land (it’s funny, but Yogurt Land sounds a lot like a bar… Hummmm…) “we’re coming back to watch movies, can you pick up the basement?”
She asks me this because my youngest has this terrible habit of destroying every room she enters, and was just down there with her little friends all weekend.

I sigh, “Ya… Give me 15 minutes.”
So, I grab my son, Buddy, and we head down there.  Now I don’t need to remind you that I ran a Half-Marathon and my legs a still a bit sore… mainly while walking stairs, so… Long story short… and countless times up and down the stairs, we clean… and vacuum, and dust… and in 15 minutes, Buddy and I have the place looking great.

When I get back upstairs… there’s BB talking to my wife… and no other kids.
“So, where’s the gang?” I ask.

“Well, they decided to make it an early night.”
“So, they aren’t coming?”

“So, I cleaned the basement for Nothing?”

“Love You.” She says with a smile.
“I even Vacuumed!”

“Love You.”
“Raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I, BB, the offspring of Murph…”

“I, BB, the offspring of Murph…”
“Do hereby commit…”

“Do hereby commit”
“To suck down one Wheat Grass Shot…”

“Yer Funny.”

I guess it was worth a try...

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