Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Things Tuesday

Goofy School
We drove down to BB’s University for some kind of Family Night thing for Freshmen, and was entertained by the university president introducing himself by showing us his own baby pictures, by a drum line in head to toe green spandex, and the mascot who liked to creep out young children.  So, after an hour of this I turned to BB and said, “B, you chose a goofy school.”  And she responded, “Ya, I’m getting that impression.”

No, I really think that she’ll have fun in college; it sure seemed like a strange fun place.

 Mormons = Mitt?
So, most of you know that I’m a Mormon, and pretty much everyone on the planet knows that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  And, while that’s all good for Mitt, I’m not so sure that I’m comfortable with Mitt being the poster boy for the LDS church.  Also, there are a lot of stories being spread about the LDS church… and some are just… Laughable.  On the radio yesterday, I heard a talk show person say that Mitt having a Swiss bank account was because of his membership in the church.  Well, I hate to tell this particular talk show host, but… we don’t get Swiss bank accounts when we get baptized.  Although… it would be really cool if we did.

I don’t claim to be an expert in my faith, but if you have questions about Mormons… ask one, you could even ask me.

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Melissa said...

Very straight forward post. I like it! Where is your daughter going to school?

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