Friday, September 28, 2012

Not a Great Taste Test... For Me.

When I ran my first (and so far, only) half marathon, I was given the mandatory "Goody Bag" full of coupons and trial sized products, among which was a package of Achiva.  Mango Flavor.  Not being a fan of Mango anything, I gave it ti my wife, and it sat on her nightstand for several weeks, until one night, just before a run, I was feeling a little under fueled and was out of Gu, so I took back the Achiva.
Now, I had read about Chia seeds when I read "Born to Run" and did want to try it... someday, but not necessarily that night.  Plus, the packet said that it was a "chia seed & dehydrated coconut water drink mix."  Drink Mix means... Cool-Aid right?  Achiva is not Cool-Aid.

So when I poured the drink mix into a bottle of water, what came out of the package was not the vaguely orange mango colored drink mix I was expecting, but a white powder with black specks.  Which, of course, are the chia seeds.
The instructions said to wait 15 minutes before drinking... which I did. Then, after letting the kids and my wife try a little bit, I sucked down the bottle as fast as I could choke it down.  I have to admit, it was allot like drinking snot... snot with a slight mango aftertaste.  Then after waiting and warming up for about 20 minutes, I started my run.
The first two miles were like running with a heavy rock in my belly... a rock that kept threatening to come back up, so I did a fair bit of walking, heavy breathing, and swallowing.  But after a while, the nausea kind of subsided and I was able to pull off a fairly decent training run.
Now, It sounds like I'm just slamming Achiva, and that really isn't the case.  It was not a happy experience for me, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't work for you.
I love that the product is billed as being all natural, and that every part of the product is added and designed for their natural benefits to your body while you're putting it through the stress of a run.  I just don't think that it was for me.
Maybe I'll give it another try... someday... if I get another packet in another race goody bag.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ouch! Make it stop!

What is the freaking deal!?!  So last night, I’m sleeping the sleep of the dead, or the just really tired, when out of a dead sleep, I wake up with the muscle spasm of all muscle spasms.  My right calf muscle is in a tight painful clench and my right foot is pointing out like a fricken’ ballet dancer.  I leap out of bed, scaring my wife almost to death, and I hit the floor while trying to knead the muscle into some form of submission.
I don’t know if it’s because I was still half asleep or what, but when I grabbed my calf, it felt like it was twisted into, I don’t know, (I’m not going to say “pretzel”) but it was seriously deformed.

So this morning, my calf feels like it’s been through a Ragnar while some big beefy guy puched it a couple of times.
Has this happened to anyone else?  It seems to happen more and more the older I get.

What can I do to make it stop?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Wordless Wednesday... With Some Words...

Two Things Tuesday.

Meh… I got this…

I have Ragnar Vegas coming up in less than two months now… but do you think that I could get out and run?  I think that I logged 3 miles last week…  I’m so going to embarrass myself.
Ok… refocus… rededicate… 20 miles this week.  Even if they all come on Saturday!  Ya, right!

Utah Valley Ren Fair
Last Saturday was great, our archery group was invited down to the Utah Valley Ren Fair to do an archery demo for the faire goers.  While the range they gave us was totally unacceptable (we were shooting toward a parking lot… really?)  We were able to do some education of medieval archery and do a short, but fun shoot for them.  One of the ends was what I call, “the blocks of doom” mainly because I tend to break arrows on them.  The blocks are made of foam, wrapped in duct tape.  The blocks are then thrown onto the range and at the “loose” call, we shoot at them.  The fun comes in the fact that the blocks move around when they’re hit (which is why arrows break).  So, in that end, I only missed one shot, and that was because the block I was shooting at moved just before my arrow was to strike.  “Doh!”

We were also able to spend the day with BB, since her University is down in that part of the state… so… good day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Public Radio

Call now!  801-581-5837

Dear public radio, twice a year, you come to me.

Begging for my nonexistent money,

and repeating your number on a seemingly endless loop, burrowing into my head like a malevolent worm, repeating itself in my sleep.

I love what you do.  You talk about books I’ve never heard of, but fully intend to read after your shows.

I feel as if I’m back in school, thinking about the written word in ways I have not since graduation.  I love that, for it is in class that I truly thrive.

Music between your articles, songs that I know and love, but have forgotten about and quickly write down on a sticky note so that I can find them on iTunes later.

I wish to help you; I truly do, but have to feed my children before I can feed yours.  The bills are mounting on my nightstand, with little cash to stem the flow.  Is it an outcome of a bad economy or my poor budgeting; only time will tell.

I hear your gifts of T-shirts and play tickets, and think, “That would be cool, but $250 for a logo coffee mug is a bit steep, even more so since I don't drink coffee.”

So, I’ll have to ignore you this year.  Change the channel when your voices get too shrill for my guilt to take.

Eventually the pledge drive will end.

And I can go back

To sweet




Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A Milk Allergy… Really?
My son, The Man Child, The bearer of the proud family name, has been having some health problems, not life threatening or anything, just worrying enough to make us seek out some medical (read: expensive) advice.  So, about $1000 later and a minor surgery later it turns out that he MAY have a milk allergy.  What!?!  MAY have an allergy?  For that kind of money they should be able to tell me which cow he’s allergic to!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad my son doesn’t have something really serious, but couldn’t they have just had us keep a food/symptom log?  Medical “science”… Meh!

New Blog!
Ok… I’m a Mormon… no surprise… no big coming out of the closet moment there.  And I listen to NPR… quite a bit, and over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that what the media says about my faith is… well… uninformed Bull Crap.  So, I’m starting a new Blog “” so that I can respond, in a very small way, to some of the stuff that I hear in the media.  I’ll respond to “Magic Underwear” *queue ominous music soundtrack* “Polygamy,” ” Secret Swiss Bank Accounts,” “Baptizing the dead!”  Oh, the Horror!  And what ever...

I’m being flip about this, but really some of the things I’ve heard on the radio has made me laugh hysterically, and I just wanted to say something about the things I’ve heard.  And rather than subject my precious few wonderful readers to such ranting’s, I figured that I’d just spout off somewhere else.
Stop by if you have some questions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bottling Summer

So, my running this week has sucked thanks to a truck load of peaches we received on Sunday. That sounds like I’m blaming the peaches, which isn’t really true. Anyway, there were WAY to many peaches for us to eat before they went bad, so I decided to try home canning. With the help of many nice people and their home canning blogs… Success! At least I think it was a success, I’ll know this winter if I don’t manage to kill us all with botulism, or some other nasty food illness. ;)

 The bottles in their water bath...
You can totally see my tube of NUUN in
the background :)

So in the end we ended up with 12 quart bottles of summer I mean Peaches, and enough peaches left over for a pie… or dutch oven cobbler… Mmmmm…

Ya, I’m so not getting any running done this week. The kitchen and those yummy peaches just keep calling my name…

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Things Tuesday

Caution: Man in the Kitchen
Yes folks, I’ve been in the kitchen lately and I love it… not so sure that the family loves it since they have to eat what I create.

Over the weekend, I made myself some granola.  Now I did post my basic recipe Hoot-n-NannyGORP a few years ago, long before I was a runner, but I really don’t follow the recipe anymore. This go around I tossed in walnuts, sunflower seeds (shelled) way more coconut than normal and way more honey than syrup.  I think this one was a winner… except, I was just tossing in things by the handful, so I’m really not too sure about what really went in it.
Tonight I’m canning peaches using a light Honey based syrup.  I’ve never done this before, so I’ll be following the recipe really close.  I'll let you know how well it works... or doesn't work.

Remembering 9/11
What more can I say. Remember the day… for it is the doom of men that they forget.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Two Things Tuesday

Wow, this holiday thing really messes with my time sense… is it really Tuesday?

Paul Ryan… Dope!
Oh my gosh! The runner’s blogs are burning up about this Paul Ryan Sub-3 hour Marathon lie.  (Yes, I just used the word LIE) I have only one thing I have to say about this: “Hey Paul!  You’re a Dope!”  No one would have cared if you’d have said “Ya, I’ve run a marathon, and finished it in 6 hours while sucking on a Big Mac.”  (Actually, for me… 6 hours would be a really good time.)  The world would have been impressed enough about the fact that he had finished one of those monsters, BQ or not.  But, he’s a politician and wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him on the fanny.  A word of advice to Paul… If you’re going to lie, at least make it a GOOD one.

Yard Work = Score!
So my plan came to pass.  Saturday morning I got the kids up and we hit the front garden with a sleepy vengeance.  And actually got quite a bit done before the heavens opened up and dumped a month’s worth of rain in a few hours… So my Saturday evening run was canceled, not due to rain, but due to terrible lightning.  Sunday… we did Sunday stuff, which has mostly to do with going to church, and less to do with yard work, but Monday dawned clear, and warm, and we finished up the front garden, got the back garden ready for fresh top soil, and cut down a dead tree that has had some kind of beetle chewing in on and around it.  Yes… we had A LOT of stuff to take to green waste recycling yesterday.  But it feels really good to have it done and my kids did a GREAT job.
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