Friday, September 28, 2012

Not a Great Taste Test... For Me.

When I ran my first (and so far, only) half marathon, I was given the mandatory "Goody Bag" full of coupons and trial sized products, among which was a package of Achiva.  Mango Flavor.  Not being a fan of Mango anything, I gave it ti my wife, and it sat on her nightstand for several weeks, until one night, just before a run, I was feeling a little under fueled and was out of Gu, so I took back the Achiva.
Now, I had read about Chia seeds when I read "Born to Run" and did want to try it... someday, but not necessarily that night.  Plus, the packet said that it was a "chia seed & dehydrated coconut water drink mix."  Drink Mix means... Cool-Aid right?  Achiva is not Cool-Aid.

So when I poured the drink mix into a bottle of water, what came out of the package was not the vaguely orange mango colored drink mix I was expecting, but a white powder with black specks.  Which, of course, are the chia seeds.
The instructions said to wait 15 minutes before drinking... which I did. Then, after letting the kids and my wife try a little bit, I sucked down the bottle as fast as I could choke it down.  I have to admit, it was allot like drinking snot... snot with a slight mango aftertaste.  Then after waiting and warming up for about 20 minutes, I started my run.
The first two miles were like running with a heavy rock in my belly... a rock that kept threatening to come back up, so I did a fair bit of walking, heavy breathing, and swallowing.  But after a while, the nausea kind of subsided and I was able to pull off a fairly decent training run.
Now, It sounds like I'm just slamming Achiva, and that really isn't the case.  It was not a happy experience for me, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't work for you.
I love that the product is billed as being all natural, and that every part of the product is added and designed for their natural benefits to your body while you're putting it through the stress of a run.  I just don't think that it was for me.
Maybe I'll give it another try... someday... if I get another packet in another race goody bag.

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susette said...

Same thoughts here when I first tried it. I actually gave it another shot DURING my marathon last week when they had it at one of the aid stations. I knew that the chia seeds were supposedly going to help you stay hydrated longer and I was willing to try anything since it was a little bit warm while running. They also handed out little Achiva chews that were so-so. Overall, I didn't notice any great improvement (if any). But, like you said it is nice to know the fueling was natural and hopefully a little more healthy.

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