Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A Milk Allergy… Really?
My son, The Man Child, The bearer of the proud family name, has been having some health problems, not life threatening or anything, just worrying enough to make us seek out some medical (read: expensive) advice.  So, about $1000 later and a minor surgery later it turns out that he MAY have a milk allergy.  What!?!  MAY have an allergy?  For that kind of money they should be able to tell me which cow he’s allergic to!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad my son doesn’t have something really serious, but couldn’t they have just had us keep a food/symptom log?  Medical “science”… Meh!

New Blog!
Ok… I’m a Mormon… no surprise… no big coming out of the closet moment there.  And I listen to NPR… quite a bit, and over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that what the media says about my faith is… well… uninformed Bull Crap.  So, I’m starting a new Blog “thismormonmoment.blogspot.com” so that I can respond, in a very small way, to some of the stuff that I hear in the media.  I’ll respond to “Magic Underwear” *queue ominous music soundtrack* “Polygamy,” ” Secret Swiss Bank Accounts,” “Baptizing the dead!”  Oh, the Horror!  And what ever...

I’m being flip about this, but really some of the things I’ve heard on the radio has made me laugh hysterically, and I just wanted to say something about the things I’ve heard.  And rather than subject my precious few wonderful readers to such ranting’s, I figured that I’d just spout off somewhere else.
Stop by if you have some questions.

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