Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Things Tuesday.

Meh… I got this…

I have Ragnar Vegas coming up in less than two months now… but do you think that I could get out and run?  I think that I logged 3 miles last week…  I’m so going to embarrass myself.
Ok… refocus… rededicate… 20 miles this week.  Even if they all come on Saturday!  Ya, right!

Utah Valley Ren Fair
Last Saturday was great, our archery group was invited down to the Utah Valley Ren Fair to do an archery demo for the faire goers.  While the range they gave us was totally unacceptable (we were shooting toward a parking lot… really?)  We were able to do some education of medieval archery and do a short, but fun shoot for them.  One of the ends was what I call, “the blocks of doom” mainly because I tend to break arrows on them.  The blocks are made of foam, wrapped in duct tape.  The blocks are then thrown onto the range and at the “loose” call, we shoot at them.  The fun comes in the fact that the blocks move around when they’re hit (which is why arrows break).  So, in that end, I only missed one shot, and that was because the block I was shooting at moved just before my arrow was to strike.  “Doh!”

We were also able to spend the day with BB, since her University is down in that part of the state… so… good day.

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