Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 dollar 5k (in Utah?)

So, yesterday, I was reading over at Shut Up and Run about what happened to an overweight news person…  I’m not sure where she lives.  Anyway, then this morning I found out that Portland, Oregon has a program in their Parks and Recreation they call “5 dollar 5k” where they organize a bunch of 5k’s in city parks throughout the summer.  So, my mind starts going at this point.  I love to run; I would love to get my wife, kids, and friends to join me in running.  But… running can be drudgery unless you have a specific goal in mind.  I mean, most people (unlike me) need to do baby steps so starting with a 5k is perfect!  I mean, who wants to jump right into a Ragnar, Right?  I mean, that would be crazy!  (FYI... I did that... Ya, I know...)
But even little 5k races are so danged expensive anymore, who really wants to dish out $25 to $35 for your first 5k anyway?  It’s easier just to sit on the couch with the xBox… right?
So why couldn’t we, here in Utah, have a “5 dollar 5k” program of our own?  Yes, we’d be blatantly ripping off Portland, but I don’t think that they’d mind to much… would they?

Ok, I guess I have some phone calls to make… what is the number for Salt Lake County Parks and Rec.?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Murph,
I organize the $5 5k Series for Portland Parks & Recreation. Feel free to pass my information along if anyone in Salt Lake Parks & Recreation wants to host a similar race. I'd be glad to help them!

Phil Lewis

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