Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Two Things Tuesday


Oh My Gosh!  Nectar of the Gods! Where have you been all my (running) life?  So after reading about NUUN over at RicoleRuns (Sometimes) I headed over to my local running shop to see if I could pick up a tube.  I figured that if it made me want to puke, well my kids would probably drink it.  The taste is light and not sugary, which is why I just can’t run with traditional sports drinks; they just gum up my mouth.  And since NUUN comes in a little tablet, I can carry a bunch of them in our (generally) overloaded Ragnar van without adding to the clutter.
I run with a Camelbak Quick Grip bottle… which I love… by the way.  It has a nice little valve so I can close off the mouth piece, and since it’s strapped to my hand instead of on a belt it’s not slamming against my butt while I’m trying to run.  Here’s the only problem I have with NUUN… since it’s an effervescent tablet, it makes the water slightly fizzy.  This is fine because it’s not overly fizzy, but pressure tends to build up in my bottle, and for the first couple of miles or so, every time I open the valve a small jet of NUUN water shoots out onto the street, my hand, or the runner next to me.  I’ve tried several things to keep this from happening, but it’s always the same thing.  So, I live with it.
Looking Back.

I was thinking this morning while walking in to work, I’ve been in the Boy Scouts, as a Scout Master for 12 years, longer if you count my years as a merit badge councilor.  And in that time I’ve mentored, I don’t know… Hundreds of Boys in learning what it means to be a boy scout.  I’ve seen them come in from the Cub Scouts, all full of fun and fire for the activities, I’ve seen them drop out, move away, go on to become Eagle Scouts, some to join the military, serve LDS missions, get married, and in one case, even to go to their grave far too early.  And in almost every case, I’ve hoped that I had a small hand in helping them to become who they are today.
This month a strange thing happened, my entire patrol of 11-year-old scouts moved up to the older patrols, and 3 brand new Scouts, fresh from Webelos came into the patrol.  I’ve never, in 12 years, been able to start entirely fresh with a brand new group of boys.  Usually they trickle in and trickle out at different stages, which can become a challenge for us as Scout Masters.  But these guys are new, blank sheets, and I am excited to begin teaching these new scouts.  And as I teach, and carry on traditions, and to make new ones, I wonder what the next 12 years will bring.


Redhead Running said...

You might try only using half a tablet of Nuun instead of a full one to help with the fizz.

Murph said...

Thanks Red, I'll give that a try. By the way, what are you doing reading blogs? Don't you have an important event to plan for? ;) Slainte!

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