Monday, October 29, 2012

Volunteering with a Bonus

I tried my hand at volunteering an event, which turned out to be a blast.  The event was the “Running Scared” 10k in Herriman, Utah.

So here I am, on one of the few Saturdays where I could have slept in, getting up at 5:30 am, so that I could drive to Herriman in the 30 degree chill of the morning.  But it was fun, they had me sort shirts, put up sun shades, have runners sign waivers, then I was taken out to an aid station where I held water out to the runners.  (I’ll never miss a trash can again with my cup… every runner should have to work an aid station at least once.) Then, after cleaning up 300+ cups, and taking down the station, we went back to the start/finish line to clean up and take off.  The bonus was that just before I left, Cheri, one of the organizers, told me that if I emailed her they would give me a free entry into their Half Crazy Half Marathon next summer (Score!).
It was so much fun to work with and get to know other runners in the area on a more social basis, rather than just huffing a “Good Job” to them as they pass me in a race.

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Redhead Running said...

Working "the other side" of the race is always such a great and eye opening experience. I feel like it helped me become a more thankful runner and make it a point now to always thank the volunteers! Good job!

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