Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a friggin’ busy week!

I didn’t get a Two Things Tuesday written because my world at work exploded, and I’m still trying to pick up the pieces.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a CAD draftsman for a small engineering company that primarily does telecom placements (towers, ugly fake trees, roof tops… that kind of thing)  we’ve had so many jobs come on line in the last few days, that our poor little company can hardly keep up.  It’s been… crazy.  But, you know how it is; I’d rather be overworked than looking for work.
So, here’s a little overview of the last few days that don’t have anything to do with work.


Saturday I wanted to go to a panel discussion up at the Salt Lake City Library.  It was on the topic of a new book about Brigham Young, and had the author and a couple of other people there.  But, my oldest (BB) is at University & the 2nd oldest (Tay) was spending the night and all of Saturday at BB’s apartment, my son was at a scout camp, and my wife was working, so that left me and my youngest together all day.  Now, I was pretty sure that a panel discussion was not going to be very fun for my 9 year old… but… I took her anyway.  So we jumped on the train and scooted up to Salt Lake.  She’s always jazzed to take the train anywhere, especially since she’s found out that she’s tall enough to reach the straps (sort of).  In reality she grabs the strap on tip-toe and then kind of swings around with the movement of the train… pretty funny.
The Salt Lake City Library is amazing!  Huge open spaces, fun reading rooms for the little ones, and lots to see.   We got there about an hour early, so we spent some time riding the glass elevators up and down, up and down, over and over until I was ready to hurl; especially since I’m afraid of heights.  I know… there’s no way I can fall out of an elevator (glass or otherwise) but hey… I don’t make fun of your irrational fears.
We then spent some time in “the attic” (one of the kid’s reading rooms), and then went to my “Boring” (so the 9 year old said) panel discussion.

It was fascinating… I bought the book… we went home…
Dinner Theater

Later that night my wife and I went to a local dinner theater, “The Desert Star Playhouse,” to see “Wicked-er.”  The Desert Star is one of those places where they do parodies of anything popular.  It was funny.  If you’re in Utah, you should check them out.  I’m really looking forward to next season when they do “The Hungry Games.”
Quiet Halloween

So, some of you know that I’m a part time makeup artist, and in past years, the weekend before Halloween has been pretty busy for me, with people wanting makeup for parties and such.  I don’t charge much, pretty much just enough to cover the cost of the makeup, but this year… not so much.  Maybe it’s because Halloween is on a Wednesday or something... or maybe... no it can't be because I suck!

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