Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3am Van Laughter

One thing that I’ve learned from running relay races is that sometimes you get so tired that the most trivial thing will set you all to laughing, and will then become a laughter catch phrase.  During the Wasatch Back in June it was “What the Hell, Becky”

That one actually had staying power because it was used quite a bit during the Vegas run last weekend as well.
What really was used a lot was: “Because it will be fun” from the YouTube video that was played a lot on iPhones.

The other one was a song… which I now hate.  But the video is kind of strange. "Heeeey, Sexy Lady."

Is it just me or is this guy a bit like a Korean Falco (If you remember the 80s... at all...)

So what has made you laugh at 3am on a Relay?


Redhead Running said...

That song is so unbelievably weird but damn if I didn't have it be our "entrance" song at the reception. We were going to go with Hall & Oates "You make my dreams come true" but "Gangnam Style" is blowing up and was such a joke among our friends that on our way to the reception we called the DJ and asked him to play "Gangnam Style" instead and the crowd went WILD! Half the people knew the song and the other half didn't, but it didn't matter because no one could stop laughing at it. (It helped that the bridal party all came in doing the weird "ride a pony" dance move and Spike and I crossed a "Finish Line" the BM & MOH held while doing the dance move too.) The pictures of all of this are priceless!

And if I had heard of this song during a Ragnar? OMG it would have been the greatest! (But I get why you hate it now, it's the same reason why I hate "Call Me Maybe", for eff's sakes why can't that song die?!?!)

Murph said...

You two are awesome! Sounds like a fun reception.

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