Monday, November 05, 2012

Vote for "The Other Guy"

Today, I have to get a little political… so forgive me.

Tomorrow is Election Day (Glory Halleluiah! Praise the cosmic muffin!) And people in the battle ground states will hit their local election stations to decide who we get to blame for the next 4 years of bad stuff.  For the rest of us… we may as well stay at home.

See… maybe I’m just a little bitter because I live in a state that… really, just doesn’t matter with its measly 6 electoral votes and strong Republican leaning.  If I were to watch the results on Tuesday night… which I won’t… I would most likely see the State of Utah fall to Romney the second the polls closed, with 0% of the precincts reporting in.  Now, I won’t see that because I don’t have TV, I would much prefer to go for a late night run, and frankly, I don’t think that it matters one way or the other who wins.
The thing is, Washington is broken.  Whoever becomes president is going to have to deal with a very dysfunctional congress that is going to stonewall every idea the president has… even if they agree with the ideas.

My solution… vote for “the other guy.” Don’t vote for either of the two major party candidates.  There are other people running.  Now, I had to do some serious looking to find out who they are but here you go.
Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party

Virgil Goode, Constitutional Party
Jill Stein, Green Party

Rocky Anderson, Justice Party
There are probably others, but I have no idea who they are.  Now, everyone says, “If you vote for a third party you’re just throwing away your vote.”  I don’t agree.  With the way the system is set up, anyone I vote for is a throw away vote.  People are so brain washed that they think that “Well, I live in a blue state, so I better vote of Obama if I want my vote to count.”  Thing is, my vote will not count.

I have a dream.  That one of these days, California or one of the other big states, will go to the green party or one of the other parties.  Wouldn’t that just wig out the Reps and the Dems?  It would be awesome!  CNN  fould crap themselves.
So… my advice for this year is not to be a sheep.  Don’t vote for either of the two major parties.  Vote for the other guy, not just for president, but for the congressional people as well.  If you only have a choice between the two parties… then vote out the incumbent. 

Let’s shake things up my friends and remind Washington that they work for us.

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