Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cause Murph additional pain… for charity

Just how sadistic are you? And how much do you want to make me hurt?

As many of you know I have signed up to run the Ogden Valley Half Marathon with Team in Training, and I’ve been waffling back and forth on whether I should go for it and run the 26.2 mile Full Marathon instead of the 13.1 mile Half Marathon.

I’ve run a half marathon, and 13.1 miles just doesn’t scare me any more, I know that I can make that mileage. 26.2 miles is a whole different story, and it scares the living Bat-Crap out of me to even contemplate that kind of mileage.

So, I’m going to leave my decision up to you. Yep, I’m throwing out a challenge.

I have to recommit, and declare my race on February 15th. So, between today 12/12/12 and 02/15/13 if I have 26 donations of $26.20 or more on my donation site, I will commit to do the Full 26.2 miles of pain, and you can all have a good laugh at my 44 year old body falling apart.

Up for the challenge? Up to see me die in the streets of Ogden? Want to support a great organization while laughing at my blood soaked Brooks? Donate HERE.

I’m hoping that you won’t… ‘cause I don’t think you got the guts!

And if causing me pain is not enough for you... here's one of the reasons I'm running:

Leslee was 28 years old when Leukemia took her from us.  Let's find a cure.

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Suz and Allan said...

I think you should go for the full!!!

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