Saturday, December 01, 2012

November Update

What can I say, November was a good month for me.

November Miles: 60 miles

Races: Ragnar Las Vegas

Next Race: 2013 New Years Revolution (January 1)

Reading: The Book of Mormon (Trying to do a cover to cover thing before the end of the year)

Listening: The Associate, By John Grisham. It’s pretty much a cross between Pelican Brief and The Firm.

Latest Obsession: Team in Training (Please Donate by clicking HERE… ya, I’m going to be doing this a lot between today and April… I figure that if it works for NPR, it may work for me… Right?)

Netflix Habit: Sherlock. It’s a BBC mini-series. It’s an updated Sherlock Holmes, but very true to the original books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Blessing: My Family… this will never change.

Irk: Utah Transit Authority. My bus seems to be always late, and always driven by some brand new trainee who doesn’t know the route. Twice in November, the bus either never showed up, or drove right past my stop. Ugh!

Whoo Hoo!: My daughter, Tay, out-shot me at archery. It was awesome! Even though I took a bit of ribbing from some of the other archers.

Oooo Ahhh: Mizuno Breath Thermo Wool Mock Turtleneck, Oh… those would be so warm this winter.

1 comment:

Suz and Allan said...

It sounds like November was a great month all around for you.

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