Saturday, December 29, 2012


There is hope! I just read an article about how there are researches in Philadelphia who have figured out how to use an altered H.I.V. virus to reprogram the T-Cells in a patient with leukemia, so that those mutant T-cells will seek out and destroy the cancerous B-cells in the body.

This is why I’m running! This is why I’m training, and running in freezing temps! It is just this kind of “out of the box” off the wall thinking that we need to be funding. I mean… who thinks like that? “Oh, let’s take an AIDS virus and reprogram it to save people.”

These guys are making X-Men T-Cells… we should call them X-Cells! Ok, I’m kind of making light of this extraordinary finding, but I’m so excited to hear about this.

Simply amazing!

I also found out today that a childhood friend of mine has been battling this very same disease, and seems to be winning. Her latest blood work shows that she is still in remission… That’s great news!

Oh… and I run today… and it was cold… but still better than chemo.

I know I ask a lot from my readers... but if you can, please donate, Thanks!

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susette said...

That is a pretty amazing discovery! What a world we live in huh?

Keep on running! See you at the oval in 3 days!!

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