Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Recap

January Miles: 31 miles (What!?!) I know… what can I say?  The air here in Salt Lake last month was worse than what I was breathing in LA when I lived there… And that’s saying something.  So… Ya, I did a bit of cross training in the basement of my home, rather than going outside and running in gross, pea soup air.  I hope February has better air.

Races: New Years Revolution.  48 laps at the Olympic Oval (13.2 miles)

Next Race: Ogden Half (May)

Reading: Unwind, By Neal Shusterman.  In the future abortion is outlawed, but if you still don’t want your kids when they reach age 13, you can donate them to the state where all their parts will be given to other people.  It’s… disturbing.

Listening: Mildred Pierce, By James M. Cain. It’s kind of a 1930’s social observation… I just started.

Latest Obsession: All things film makeup… read below.

Netflix Habit: Nothing right now… seriously.  I don’t think I even turned Netflix on last month.

Blessing: My Family… this will never change.

Irk: Salt Lake’s Crappy Air! 

Whoo Hoo!: Did a Movie!  Did the makeup on a semi-famous actor (at least locally).  Totally ready for Spielberg.  Yo, Steve!  Have your people call my people… if I had people… I’ll get people… let’s do lunch… Applebee’s… 2 for $20… call me!

Oooo Ahhh: Did I say I did a movie?  Ya… that was me…

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