Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Checking in on a Tuesday

It’s been a while since I blogged, So, I figured I throw a short one out today just to let all 3 of my readers know that I’m alive.
Thursday is the biggest sales day of the year for my parents and their little chocolate store.  And so, being the dutiful son that I am (smirk) I will be spending the next 48 hours dipping various forms of fruit into molten chocolate, for desperate husbands and boyfriends who forgot to by jewelry.  The best part of this yearly event is standing in the store at 9pm, after we’ve locked the door, watching very sad guys try to get in for the chocolate they desperately need for the women they love beyond all else.

Ya, I just have to look up from sweeping the floor and… chuckle.
While this is something I do enjoy, I know that in the end, I will put no actual miles on the streets, which is sad.

And so… with chocolaty hands… I wish you and your true love all the best on this Valentine’s Day.


susette said...

What is the name of their little chocolate store? Where is it located?

Is it hard not to lick your fingers when dipping? I would be challenged for sure.

Murph said...

Thanks for asking. It's Cumming's Studio Chocolates in Jordan Landing. Right between the Target and Best Buy located at about 7800 south 3800 west. Stop in... I'll be there.
As for licking the fingers... Let's just say it's really good chocolate ;)

Redhead Running said...

Bahahahahaha love this! Have fun!

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