Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too many things Tuesday!

I used to do a two things Tuesday… but life has gotten out of hand for me lately.


As you may know, I’ve decided that the Ogden Marathon is going to be my first (and possibly only) marathon… ever!  And so I’ve been trying to responsibly up my weekly miles, but life keeps getting in the way, and so I totally feel like I’m failing before I ever really start.  Last Saturday should have been a 10 mile long run for me, but I have so much work in the office that I had to cut the long run in order to put a couple of hours in at my desk… not fun.  And so… tonight… recommitment!  5 miles tonight come rain (unlikely), snow (probably), or Ice (definitely).
Mid-Summer’s Night Dream

I volunteer at the Copper Hills High School drama department and help them with their productions as a makeup artist.  Most of the time it’s pretty ordinary work; Helping the guys with their foundation, doing some age effects, maybe some eye shadow on the girls, if they want something different.  If I’m really lucky I get to do some characters.  So when I found out last year that they were doing Shakespeare’s Mid-Summer’s Night Dream, I totally jumped at the chance.  I had so many ideas about the fairies, especially Puck.  I was going to build little horns… they would have rocked!
But… the normal drama teacher wasn’t directing… the school’s Chinese teacher was directing and all he wanted was a “heightened real” on the fairies.  Heightened Real?  In other words… boring!

I did finally talk him into letting us put sparkles on the fairies.  I carry cosmetic grade glitter in my case, so we glittered the fairies on opening night… firework fail!  I couldn’t see any sparkles at all that night.  So, Saturday we had a matinée and an evening show.  I brought some cosmetic grade gems and we glued them around the fairies eyes.  Oh… Yeah!  That produced the fireworks I wanted.  So, closing night we went to town on those poor kids.  Gems around their eyes, dripping down their cheeks.  Puck and Oberon (being the only two male members of the fairies) got gem war paint… sort of.  Trust me, it was cool.  We used every gem I had.  And those kids sparkled!  Trust me… I have jazz hands right now.
I totally agree with and try to conform to the director’s vision of the play… but sometimes directors just have to trust the makeup artist.

TnT Huntsman Cleanup
As if I didn’t have enough to do on Saturday… I also went and cleaned the Huntsman Center at the University of Utah campus with Team in Training.  We were given a percentage of the ticket sales for our fundraising because we did that.  Saturday night the U of U gymnastics team was taking on Stanford… and won… of course… those ladies rock!

The arena is big… I had forgotten how big and figured we’d be done in a couple of hours.  We started at 9:30pm and finished at about 2am… sometime after that.  And I’ll tell you one thing… I’ll never leave my half eaten stuff under my seat again… that was just gross!

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Suz and Allan said...

We used to clean up after all the college gymnastics meets and basketball games and the amount of trash is crazy! I know you guys must have been exhausted.

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