Tuesday, March 05, 2013

February Recap

February Miles: 44 miles.  Hey… I’m doing better.  Wait until you see my March totals.  The air is getting cleaner, and the temps are going up.  Of course, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow… love this time of year in Utah.

Races:  None…
Next Race:  Ogden Valley Full Marathon (May), Ragnar Wasatch Back (June), Only Half Crazy Half (September)

Reading: Eaters of the Dead, by Michael Crichton.  A retelling of the classic Beowolf.
Listening: Unseen Academicals, by Terry Pratchett.  A Disk World Novel… Need I say more.

Latest Obsession:  No time for obsessions right now…
Netflix Habit:  The Walking Dead, Season 2.  I don’t know that you could call this a habit because I have no time for Netflix.  My wife and I did try to start watching The Americans on Hulu… but stopped because there was so much “Adult Content” that it kind of distracted from the story and really kind of turned us off.

Blessing:  My oldest daughter, BB, has decided that she wants to serve as a missionary for our church.  I can’t tell you how happy I am about that.
Irk:  No tax refund for the Murph family this year, we’ll be breaking out the check book.  Tax on the rich my white Irish a$$.

Whoo Hoo!: The weather is getting warmer and I can almost smell spring… when it’s not snowing.
Oooo Ahhh: Real Salt Lake (our soccer team… FYI) had a 4 for $40 thing going a couple of weeks ago… so we got tickets.  First Game is March 30th against Seattle.  O-lay… o-lay, o-lay, o-lay… Real… Salt Lake!


susette said...

The Shamrock Half Marathon in Saratoga Springs would be a great training run for your half. It's on March 16th. Me and Josh will be there.

I just learned a few weeks ago about Netflix. Yes I am slow. My son has had it in the house for about 3 years and I am now just learning about it and using it. Sooo fun. There is a series on there called "The Adventures of Merlin" Such a great family show!

Yay for missions and hurrah your daughter wants to serve

Boo for taxes!! We have to break out the checkbook too and I hate it. :(

Suz and Allan said...

Hooray for your daughter going on a mission! I hope she gets an area she will enjoy serving in. Allan and his two brothers served in Brazil, Spain, and El Salvador.

Boo hiss on the taxes. We have to pay state but luckily got a refund for federal. I'm not expecting that next year!

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