Tuesday, April 02, 2013

March Overview... with a bit of April...

March Miles: 92 miles.  That’s a monthly record for me, and April should be bigger still.
Races: No races, no Time.

Next Race: Ogden Marathon in 6 weeks.
Reading: The Subterraneans, by Jack Kerouac.  With April being National Poetry month, I thought that I’d get a head start on the whole poetry thing by reading one of my favorite authors from the “Beat Generation.”  Yes, I know that The Subterraneans isn’t poetry, but it has such a frantic rhythm that it’s almost like poetry.

Listening: I started listening to some book about the D-Day invasion, but the reader was so dry that it was like a disk full of chloroform.
Latest Obsession: Arrow Making.  I’ve been in the process of making arrows for our upcoming tournament season that will begin on June 1st with the Loch Salann Arrow Elite Shoot.  Last year I scored a fat ZERO, (which isn’t uncommon for this kind of shoot) this year my goal is to put a point on the board.

Netflix Habit: Psych.  I finally gave in to my daughter’s endless pestering about how I NEED to watch Psych.  She was right, it’s good.  But, I also took a look at a show I’ve never heard of called Terra Nova.  You know… I kind of like it.
Blessing: My greatest thanks to all of the people who have given to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on my behalf.  I can’t believe the outpouring of generosity.  Thank You!

Irk:  April Freaking Fools Day!  I should probably wait until next month’s recap… but dang it!  I am such a sponge, no lie, I just soak up everything with pure faith that I’m not making an ass of myself.  So here I am last night, generally wasting time on the internet and I notice a new button on Google, “Google Nose” it’s called.  So, I click on it and it tells me that they found a way to transmit smells over the internet. “Crap!”  I’m thinking (without even thinking that it’s April 1st.)  So I click on the smell of a grapefruit.  The instructions said that you should put your nose close to the screen and smell.  So, I push the button and smell my screen.  I know!  Stupid!  And of course, here was no smell.  So I find a stronger smell in the list… a Cooked Turkey.  I push the button and smell… Nothing.  Still, I have not figured out that it’s a joke.  It wasn’t until I clicked on the trouble shooter that I figure out that it was an April Fool.  Google probably has a wall full of thousands of pictures of foreheads (from screen cams) trying to smell their screens.  I’m such a sponge!
Whoo Hoo!: Real Salt Lake beat Seattle on Saturday.  My wife and I went and had a blast.  The weather was warm and the people we were sitting by were a lot of fun.  One guy in our section was dressed in this whole Boba Fett uniform painted in RSL colors.  Pretty cool!

Oooo Ahhh:  I’ve been looking for some new compression socks because mine just are not cutting it anymore, and I just can’t bring myself to lay down another $60 for the ones I have.  That’s when I found SPUN… $35 bucks for a good looking pair of compression socks… sign me up!


Redhead Running said...

Spike loooooooooooooooooooves Psych, laughs like a school girl when it's on.

You should post a pic of the arrow making process!

Def did not get fooled by anyone, but I'm totally laughing that you did. Sorry. :)

susette said...

That's a pretty fun April Fool's Joke. I'm glad I didn't see it or fall for it.

If you want to watch a fun, family oriented show, the Adventures of Merlin on Netflix has been pretty entertaining.

Keep up the running! Ogden will be a blast for you.

Melissa said...

My oldest loves Psych too...and I laughed OUT LOUD at the April Fools joke...ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I seriously would have fallen for it too, so don't feel bad. It's still funny, though! :)

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