Monday, May 13, 2013

A Full Weekend

I have so much to say, and it just can’t wait for two-Things-Tuesday, not that I’ve done any T-T-T’s as of late.

Mission Call

If you’re not a Mormon, you may not understand this one. My Daughter, BB, is going on a mission for our church. When our young men are 18 and our young women are 19 they’re encouraged to serve as missionaries for our church. If they decide to go, they fill out a packet of papers which go to the missionary department in Salt Lake City. Amazingly, in a week and a half, they get a letter in the mail (simply referred to as “The Call.”) that tells them their assignment location… which can literally be anywhere in the world. When I was a missionary, I went to southern California, my friends: Taiwan, Canada, & Switzerland. My wife went to a tiny island (Majuro) in Micronesia. And so, when mission calls come in it’s a big deal. Families & friends gather in order to participate in the opening of the call. We had a room full, with several people from around the country on Skype.

Here’s what happened:

It’s awesome! She’ll have a good experience and do a great job.

Race for the Cure

Saturday morning was my last team training run with Team in Training. We met at Liberty Park in Salt Lake and ran up 600 East to South Temple. After the turn around we could see the Race for the Cure 5k going past one block over from us. It was awesome! All I could see was this sea of pink moving up 500 East. It was awe-inspiring; plus, knowing that my friend Coby and her family were walking in it despite the fact that she has just finished her 3rd infusion of Chemo. She’s totally my hero.

Mother’s Day

I love my wife. She is my moon, my stars, my reason to get up in the morning. Without her, I’d be some lonely old man, living in the house that the neighborhood kids avoid. Love you Kiddo.


Redhead Running said...

The video doesn't work for me! :( Bummer! Congrats to BB for her call!

You're such a sap, I love it.

So are you feeling ready for the big day?!?!?

Murph said...

Sorry, this was the first vid I've ever posted from facebook. I'm working on getting the privacy settings changed.
The Marathon is so stuck in my brain right now that it's just about all I think about, and since I'm at the low point of my taper, I can't throw in extra miles to clear the old head. I'll have a full recap next week. ;)
And yes... I am a sap.

Anonymous said...

Boo.. I want to see the video :(

susette said...

Hope you get that video fixed soon. I love to watch mission call openings. They ALWAYS make me teary.

Looking forward to Saturday. I hope to see you up there! What time are you shooting for? I just want to finish and not be in last place at this point. I haven't really followed any training plan this time around for a marathon. YIKES!! So we'll see what happens. If I can break 5 hours I'll be content.

Suz and Allan said...

Hooray for serving a mission in the South. Tell her to be prepared for some intense humidity in the summer!

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