Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Recap

April Miles: 80 miles.  I know that I’m down from last month.  All I can say is that I had one week that was really bad, and I didn’t get the miles in that I needed to.  Have you ever noticed that when you plan something important, or there’s something that you really need/want to do, the world seems to congregate around that date?  It’s weird… and happens to me all the time.
Races: None… but I did complete a 20 mile long run last Saturday and now I’m into the blessed taper zone.

Next Race: Ogden Marathon in 18 days!
Reading: Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, yet another book in my “Books I Should Have Read in College” series.  Almost done, and I’m really not sure what the plot is.  So far I’ve figured out that Franny is a borderline basket case, Zooey is rude to his mother, and everyone is a chain smoker in one way or another.

Listening: A tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  A very sad coming of age story set in Brooklyn.  The cadence and writing style reminds me of “To Kill a Mocking Bird” more than a little.
Latest Obsession: Arrows are done, and the Archers are moving to our outdoor range out near Tooele.  That’s a pretty long drive just to fling sticks around, but the Baronial championships are the first of June, and while I won’t win, I do want to make a good showing.

Netflix Habit:  Not really on Netflix.  I’ve been watching “Defiance” on HuluPlus, and quite like it.  I do have some issues with some of the more mature content… I just don’t think that it’s needed to carry the story forward, but other than that… it’s a pretty good story.

Blessing:  BB’s mission papers are in!  I’m not sure how long before she gets her call, but we’re all excited.  For those of you who are not Mormons… here’s what’s going on.  My Daughter BB has decided that she wants to be a missionary for our church.  We had a slew of papers to fill out (kind of like an application) with medical exams and what not to make sure that she’s healthy enough to go.  Now we just wait to see where in the world the church will send her for 18 months of her life.  My wife and I (both return missionaries ourselves) are very pleased with her decision to want to serve.
Irk:  It’s May first today, and it snowed… come on!

Whoo Hoo!:  Panda for lunch on Monday!  And no… I don’t mean Panda Express.  “Panda” is this nasty little hole in the wall of a Mongolian Bar-B-Q at about 17th and State in Salt Lake City.  Total Protein, Carb, Grease, Garlic, & MSG extravaganza.  And I get to do it with my old High School friends, of whom I see precious little.
Oooo Ahhh:  While I was on my long 20 miler last Saturday, the sun was shining and it was just a glorious day (unlike the snow flurries we’re having today), I passed a group of amateur astronomers.  They had telescopes out and pointed at the sun.  Being an astronomy nerd myself, I decided that I’d take a little break to talk to them.  They had filters on their telescopes so that you could look right at the sun.  It was coolness on a stick!  I could see sun spots and flairs and all kinds of cool things on that little star of ours.  I didn’t ask them who they were, but I thanked them for the look and finished my run.  Through the filter it looked a bit like this:


Anonymous said...

Yup... that date seems like the center of the universe LOL

Suz and Allan said...

April sounds like it was a pretty good month. Hope that May is on pace to be a good month too!

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