Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching up on a Tuesday

Things have gotten out of hand!  No time for blogging, no time for life.

Monday:   Decided that since Wasatch Back was almost here, I had better log a few miles, I decided to do a short five miles.  I don’t know if it was a real pull or just a cramp because of the heat but the hamstring on my right leg started to get sore.  Later that night and the next day I had a great limp.  Ended up resting it all week and it feels lots better.  I hope it holds up through Ragnar.
Friday: After logging 50 hours behind my desk for the week (Yay for the paycheck, Boo for everything else)  I grabbed my girls to head out to a Daddy Daughter camp with our church.  We couldn’t stay for the night because we were doing a water stop for the AF Half Saturday morning, but we figured we could go out and enjoy a little camp fire action and roasted Twinkie like cakes.  (trust me they're good that way.)  Once we got there, my youngest started to not act like herself… long story short, we went back home with a 102f fever.

Saturday:  4:00am, the older kids and I left Mom and the youngest at home so that we could drive to American Fork for Aid Station #5 of the AF Half.  We had everything set up by 6:15am, and the first runner (sprinter) passed us at about 6:40am.  That guy was moving.

We had lots of fun.

Sunday: Father’s Day.  Everybody slept in, but just before leaving for church my Wife and Kids gave me a nifty medal hanger that says “Just Believe” on it.  There is a reason.  Whenever I attempt a new distance, or a new goal time, I start to doubt myself and my wife’s thing is to tell me to “Just Believe” that I can do it.  So I thought that it was pretty special.  But after getting it on the wall and hanging up my medals, I realized that really don’t have very many… guess I need to run more.
So, fun weekend, and so far, today, the youngest is fever free… *Happy Dance*


Redhead Running said...

You've been busy! Love, love, LOVE the medal rack! Good job fam! Happy belated Father's Day to you!

Melissa said...

It's so fun to read your blog and see how you're all doing. Such a cute family!

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