Monday, June 03, 2013

May Recap

May Miles: 58 miles.  Hey 26 of those babies were all in one day.  I’m finally feeling like I’m back up to running form, and so will restart may Ragnar training tonight.
Races: Ogden Marathon, 26.2 mile rain fest… can’t wait to do it again.

Yes, I'm going to buy this picture... how could I not?

Next Race:  Ragnar Wasatch Back on June 21 and 22.
Reading: The Clockwork Man, By William Jablonsky.  Itls the story of Ernst, a clockwork man who was built in the mid 1800’s and then finds himself in 2005 Milwaukee.  It’s an interesting Steampunk-ish twist on fish out of water robot fiction.

Listening:  Ready Player One, By Ernest Cline.  This is one of my favoritest books ever. (as my daughters would say).  It’s about the not too far off future where everyone pretty much lives in this alternate reality called “The Oasis.”  It’s a great quest story with a Cyberpunk twist that draws a lot from 1980s geek culture.  A wonderful story that was read by Will Wheaton, another icon of geek culture.
Latest Obsession:  My Garden.  We finally got it in a week ago.  Which reminds me that I need to return a wheel barrow back to my neighbor.  We made it a kind of boxed out garden with paths and paver stones that we let the kids paint.  It’s a great garden… which will be even better when things start to grow and I kill the cat that’s been using it as a sand box.

A with her fun stone

B with her randomness

C's fun messyness... he's such a boy

T and her happy stars

A shout out to the best TV show ever

Our happy little garden
Netflix Habit:  Whale Wars, Season 4.
Blessing:  The weather has finally started to warm up, and I got the year’s first sunburn on Saturday.  My forehead is on FIRE!

Irk:  My forehead is on fire!  How come my ancestors had to come from cold cloudy places?  Couldn’t at least one family line have come from… I don’t know… Italy?
Whoo Hoo!:  Ragnar in 3 weeks!  I love my Ragnar weekends.

Oooo Ahhh:  I haven’t really been able to look around at much, and so… I’ll have to skip this one…

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Redhead Running said...

Congrats again on the marathon and a successful May!

Love the garden stones, so fun to have the kids decorate one each. :)

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