Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Disappointment... and just a little bit of wonder.

Since running is pretty much a non-starter for me this month (I don't even want to know my running totals for the month, because I'm sure that they are dwarfed by the fluid ounces of Mountain Dew I've been downing)  I thought that I'd talk about a couple of the other things going on in my life right now.

My parent's candy store closed last week, and so we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out the building.  Everyone took it pretty well, we were just disappointed that we just couldn't get it to go.  In the end, when just about everyone was gone and I was doing some final sweeping up, I found my youngest, "A," standing all alone in the dark empty front store.
"What's up, Kiddo?" I asked.
"I was going to work here when I got bigger." she said, tears in her eyes.
"I know." I said.
We stood together in the empty store for a while, said goodbye to the space, then walked out into the sweet summer rain, and locked the door for the final time.  Now it will become something really depressing, like a baby GAP.

On my way to work today I walked past a little miracle.  There's a pumpkin plant growing on the side of 9000 South, just east of State Street.  I had seen it growing a couple of days ago on my walk into work, and thought that it might be a weed, but this morning it had a blossom, and it's definitely a pumpkin.

I remember that there were a couple of smashed pumpkins on the road last fall, but I never figured that any of those scattered seeds could actually germinate.  I'm interested to see if it is left alone long enough to actually produce a pumpkin.

It's funny.  This world can be so screwed up sometimes, but at the end of it all... life finds a way, and that small, simple spark of life can bring such wonder.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yes, I'm still alive... but you wouldn't know it from my blog.

I figured that I would at least get one posting in the blog before the end of the month.

Running has been a huge and complete fail this month. Not because of injury but because of Scout camp, Girl’s camp, Play practice (I’m working on The Music Man for the next couple of weeks), and the general craziness that accompanies getting a kid ready to go on a mission.

My view of the sunrise over Bear Lake from the cabin at Scout Camp

Where my life will be for the next 2 weeks
The garden, on the other had is doing great! Tonight, we ate the first of our “Sun Sugar” cherry tomatoes. They were so sweet and so yummy. One of the kids asked, “why aren’t the tomatoes at the store this good?”

Do I really need to answer that?

Yes, I know there are some weeds...  I'll pull them... sometime.
I look at the garden almost every day, and I am always amazed with the changes that happen between 5:45am when I run to catch my bus, and 6pm when I get home. Vines are larger, blooms are open, colors have changed. It’s truly wondrous.

Baby Cantaloupe
We have about 4 cantaloupes growing on the vine in the front yard garden and are growing so fast, you can almost see the change happening.

Baby Watermelon

In the back garden, we have 3 watermelons growing (that I can find in this extensive vine). And the cool part is, I don’t water them. Well, I do, but not the normal way. The watermelons are part of an experiment. A few months ago I read about watering by Olla. An Olla is a clay pot that you bury in the ground near your plants, then, instead of watering the plants directly, you fill the pot (olla). The water then leaks out of the side of the pot (through the clay) as the plants need the water. It’s supposed to save on evaporation loss, and thus save water, which is really important here in the west. The olla system is working so well that I think that I’m going to use it exclusively next year. Maybe even rig up a rain water capture system to fill the ollas.

You can't really see it very well, but this is one of the ollas.
The stone on top keeps the water from evaporating.

Anyway… there you go.

Sorry for the boring blog. Life should even out here pretty soon, and I can get back to running, blogging, and relaxing.

Here are some other pics of the garden.

This is the bird feeder we put in a crab-apple tree next to the garden.
Attracting the birds here has really cut down on the grass hoppers.


Rambling Red Stripe Tomatoes


Baby Cucumbers... at least I think that's what it is,
I've never grown cucumbers before.

Monday, July 01, 2013

June Recap... Already?

Oh my gosh! June is over already?

Ok, Here we go…

June Miles: 38 Miles. What? That’s pretty sad, especially when you figure that 20 of those miles were on the Ragnar. Well, I guess I had better step it up a bit this month.

Races: Ragnar Wasatch Back. Two fun-filled days with 11 of my closest friends.

Next Race: Isn’t until the end of September… I have time…

Reading: Compost by Ken Thompson. Not a riveting read, but…

Listening: Farm City by Novella Carpenter. It’s the true story of a woman who moves into the slums of Oakland California, and then builds a small farm on a squatted piece of land. It’s pretty good, but the language is a little rough.

Latest Obsession: Still the garden. It seems to be coming along just fine despite the 103 temps. But something is going wrong with my corn. I’m not sure if it’s a pest or something nutritional. Since I’m trying to grow our garden as organically as I can… I’m stumped.

Little slice of Heaven

We have little Tomatoes!  This one is from a variety
called the "Rambling Red Stripe"

What is happening to my Corn?

Beets!  Yum!

Netfix Habit: Finished all the season’s of Whale Wars. Looking for something new.

Blessing: I’m getting so much side work. Last weekend I shot a commercial for Bullfrog Spas. So much fun! And this time… I got paid! I’ll post the reel when it’s finished.

I can't wait to see the finished product.
Irk: What is wrong with my Corn!?!

Whoo Hoo!: My son passed his Yellow Belt test in Kempo. Pretty proud of him.

Oooh Ahh: I’ve been eyeing a new bow… but we’ll see. ;)

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