Monday, July 01, 2013

June Recap... Already?

Oh my gosh! June is over already?

Ok, Here we go…

June Miles: 38 Miles. What? That’s pretty sad, especially when you figure that 20 of those miles were on the Ragnar. Well, I guess I had better step it up a bit this month.

Races: Ragnar Wasatch Back. Two fun-filled days with 11 of my closest friends.

Next Race: Isn’t until the end of September… I have time…

Reading: Compost by Ken Thompson. Not a riveting read, but…

Listening: Farm City by Novella Carpenter. It’s the true story of a woman who moves into the slums of Oakland California, and then builds a small farm on a squatted piece of land. It’s pretty good, but the language is a little rough.

Latest Obsession: Still the garden. It seems to be coming along just fine despite the 103 temps. But something is going wrong with my corn. I’m not sure if it’s a pest or something nutritional. Since I’m trying to grow our garden as organically as I can… I’m stumped.

Little slice of Heaven

We have little Tomatoes!  This one is from a variety
called the "Rambling Red Stripe"

What is happening to my Corn?

Beets!  Yum!

Netfix Habit: Finished all the season’s of Whale Wars. Looking for something new.

Blessing: I’m getting so much side work. Last weekend I shot a commercial for Bullfrog Spas. So much fun! And this time… I got paid! I’ll post the reel when it’s finished.

I can't wait to see the finished product.
Irk: What is wrong with my Corn!?!

Whoo Hoo!: My son passed his Yellow Belt test in Kempo. Pretty proud of him.

Oooh Ahh: I’ve been eyeing a new bow… but we’ll see. ;)

1 comment:

Redhead Running said...

Have I mentioned that I love your twist on the monthly recap? Ha!

There is definitely something up with that corn. Hmmm....

Go for a run will you? Some of us would give a kidney for one. ;)

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