Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 Recap

I intended to do this on the 31st while I was sitting around the house with nothing to do but to clean up Christmas… but I ended up running 3.5 miles and then watch an entire season of Whale Wars with my Blog all but forgotten.  Then, on the 1st, (after waking up some time after 10am) I started with my new favorite stress reliever / core workout: hitting the heavy bag we got my son for Christmas.  He’s an orange belt at United Studios of Self-Defense and wanted to be able to practice when he wasn’t at the studio… but… it seems that I use the bag more than he does.  Oh well.

So on to the update:

2013 Miles:  If you remember, I originally started the year off with the goal of 1000 miles.  Yah… That happened.  It seems that when setting goals, I really need to remember that they need to be Attainable!  At my fitness level last January, 1000 miles was a total pipe dream.  So, around July I revised my yearly goal to a more attainable number of 500 miles.  I came in at +/- 490 miles for the year.  I say plus/minus because there were a couple of runs this year that I did naked (i.e. No Garmin).  So I may have made the 500, but I think that my guess of 490 is pretty darn close.

2014 Goal Miles:  OK… so I know that 500-ish miles is attainable for me, so I’m going to sweeten that number by 100 miles and go for 600 miles this year.  Totally doable.

2014 health goal: 12 fl oz of soda per day.  That’s it!  No more!  I don’t want to give up soda entirely (I did that once for an entire year and I didn’t like the person I had become) so one can per day is all I’m giving myself.

2013 NetFlix obsession:  Whale Wars was my favorite last year, but I was also introduced to Sherlock and that was TOTALLY my favorite.

2013 Best Movie:  This is going to sound weird… but here goes.  As much as I LOVED Hunger Games: Catching Fire, my favorite movie last year was Frozen.  It was just… Awesome!

2013 books:  Wow… why do I even include this category?  According to GoodReads I read a total of 53 books in 2013.  (What can I say?  I ride the bus to work, which gives me a full hour of uninterrupted read time).  Ok, I think that the best book I read this year was Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline.  I am freaking in love with this book!  Other good ones from last year include Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, A Walk Across America, by Peter Jenkins, Of Dice and Men, by David Ewalt, & A Tree Grows in Brooklin, by Betty Smith.  There were others (I’m sure) but those are the ones that stuck out in my mind.

2013 Playlist Additions:  This year I added several tunes by Deadmau5.  Hey, the guy spins a good tune that’s great for running.  I’ve also fallen in love with Client, OceanLab, Ladytron, and Imagine Dragons.  Oh, and Lindsey Sterling (I didn’t add her to my running playlist because she’s a little hard to run to, but I dearly love her music!)

2013 Biggest Change:  Having BB go on a mission for our church.  It’s strange having her so far away from home, but since my wife and I are both former missionaries ourselves, we know what it’s like for her to be out there in service to the Lord and to others.  It’s been a huge blessing for us and I can already see the growth and maturity that has happened within her.  Wednesday, she was transferred out of the little town she was working in and sent somewhere else.  We know that she was transferred, but we don’t know where, and won’t be able to find out until her email on Monday.  It’s driving me crazy, the not knowing!

Ok… I think that about sums it up for the past year.  I hope that your 2013 shaped up pretty well, and that 2014 is going to be a great one for you.

See you on the streets!

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Redhead Running said...

I loved Frozen as well, so cute and fun. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2014!

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