Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's been a while... how about an update?

I’ve sat down to write something for this poor neglected bolg of mine several times, and have yet to get anything coherent put down on paper… as it were.

I’m back to running with a fair amount of consistency. Not long distances… yet… nor at great speed, but hitting the pavement is hitting the pavement… right? I have Ragnar Wasatch Back in June, and have volunteered to take the dreaded runner 6 position, which starts with a steep 6 mile downhill out of Avon Pass and then follows with an 8 mile steep uphill into East Canyon. So I have a lot of work to do to get ready for that.

Salt Lake's air quality has sucked as of late, which has made it difficult to put miles behind me.  But a snow storm blew in last night and cleared out a lot of the pollution.  So, guess who's running in the snow and fresh air tonight?  As much as I love this valley, the winter air quality is getting so bad... I just don't know what future I'll have here.  Most of the gunk in the air comes from cars... I take mass transit or walk almost everywhere I go, but so many people here will not give up there cars.  Don't know what to do...

Diet wise, I’ve decided that I’m limiting myself to one 12oz can of soda per day. I know that I should kick off the stuff all together, but I love it so very much! Since I was drinking more than 32oz per day all of last year, I figure that one can per day is a huge step forward.

Last Saturday, my wife and I went to the Salt Lake Seed Swap in South Salt Lake, and scored some great seeds for our garden this spring. There are still a few things we need to get, like corn, tomato plants, and maybe a melon or two, but we should have a really nice harvest this year.

We were able to also get a jar of raw, local honey. I used to buy it when I was in Southern California and ate it on my cereal every morning. I never had hay-fever the whole time I lived there. Then I came back to Utah (the Bee Hive State) and had the hardest time getting raw local honey. Ever since then I’ve had terrible hay-fever. So, with this new find, and my daily peanut butter and honey sandwich I hope to be hay-fever free again. Plus, I now know the beekeeper’s phone number and should be able to score more honey in the future.

We hear from BB every week. She’s doing well. She’s working in the Ozarks now and totally loves the redneck lifestyle. She lives in a trailer, in someone’s back yard, at the end of a dirt road. When I asked her if she had squirrel skins stretched on her walls… she didn’t dignify my question with an answer. It’s pretty cold there right now, but I’m sure that it will be gorgeous when spring hits.

I'll start posting more... I promise. ;)

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