Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Foul Weather Running

In 2013, I was training for the Ogden Marathon.  Since it occurs early in the spring, I was obligated to train all winter long.  I remember my first training run for that race.  It was only 3 miles, but it occurred in a driving snow storm, my shoes crunching in the fresh powdery snow.  I remember looking at my teammates, and thinking, “We’re a bunch of lunatics.” 

The training that season kind of proved that, indeed, we were lunatics.  There were mornings where the thermometer stood at 7 degrees F.  Snow and ice was a constant, and as the winter turned to spring, the hits just kept coming, with the chill wind and rain.  Then, as anyone who ran the Ogden Marathon in 2013 would know, the rain began with the sound of the starting gun, let off a bit toward the middle, just enough for you to get really cold, and then hit you again.

So I know running in foul weather.  Heck… I almost have a degree in it.
Late last Saturday morning, Right around noon, actually, when I headed out for my run, there was a bit of wind blowing, but I figured… I’ve had worse. That was, until I hit the street and realized that the wind was howling at 30-something miles per hour, with gusts at 40-something.  What was I thinking?

At one point, into my 3rd mile, I was running a street in my neighborhood that crests at a little over 5000 feet in elevation.  Just beyond the crest of that street is open farm land, thus, not a possibility of a wind break anywhere, and I was running toward that crest, uphill, face full into the wind, and I’m thinking… “This is stupid, this is stupid…” in fact I may have been whispering it on every exhale.  Heck, I could have been screaming, I’m not sure because the wind whistling past my ears was even drowning out the sound of my ear buds.
Now if you ever wonder whether or not there is a God in the universe, I can tell you with assurance that there is, and He has a sense of humor.

Why, you ask?

So, as I’m struggling up this hill, face into the wind, I sent out a prayer.  I did… I promise.  I prayed with every fiber of my being, “Father, why does there have to be gravity and wind?”  And to my surprise, I got an answer from Him,  in a still small voice, above the cacophony in my ears, that said, “Run Harder.”
I can tell you no lies, my friends.

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Suz and Allan said...

Haha, He does have a sense of humor sometimes!

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