Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Senate = Treason

For the last few years I have been ashamed to be called an American, but I have never been more ashamed as I am right now.
On Monday, 47 GOP senators signed a letter to the leaders of Iran, informing them that all of the negotiations that have been going on between them and the Obama White House may be for naught, because the GOP may shut down any agreement.
So my question is, when the Hell did the GOP side of the Senate become the head of State?  Answer: NEVER!
The President of the United States, whether you like him or not is the head of state.  He is the one tasked with negotiating treaties, with assigning diplomats to foreign countries, and communicating with other heads of state.  Not the Senate.
You’d think that these guys would know that.  Especially Orin Hatch.  He’s been in the Senate so long, he should know all about the separation of powers.  I can’t say the same for Mike Lee, he’s just Ted Cruz’s lap dog.  He’ll do whatever the Senator from Texas tells him to do.
I’m only singling out the Utah Senators because I’m a Utahan, I’m ashamed of them, and they will never again get my vote.
In my opinion, these 47 “honorable” Senators have broken the law, and if not the law, then the they have broken the trust (if they ever had any) of the American people, and showed themselves to be a grand party of fools.
I am only one voice, and a voice that is only an American by some accident of fate, and my voice is pleading with the good people of this nation to find out if their senator signed this treasonous letter to Iran, and if so, vote them out of office.

But what am I saying... no one will follow this request, because most American voters have no idea who they’re voting for, and they don’t really care.

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