Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Couldn't Sleep

I couldn't sleep last night, and I'll tell you why.  Yesterday morning,  while I was waiting for the train, I was scanning Facebook, as we all do when we have nothing useful to do.  

And, I found that my cousin had posted this graphic:

After considering it for a few minutes, I commented, asking why a "patriot" would be assaulting someone for exercising their right of free speech.  And stating that in my opinion the "patriot" was the aggressor, and thus, the criminal in the situation.
My cousin's response was predictable for an ultra conservative, and had to do with kicking certain fleshy parts of my body. He then stated the misunderstanding of most of his ilk, that burning a flag is against the law.
I informed him that SCOTUS in a 7-3 decision stated that flag burning is protected speech under the First Amendment of the constitution and that assault is not.
He then went to the conservative fall back of telling me to get out of "his" country.
"Gladly" was my response.
Now I'm left wondering, and this is what kept me up last night, where is this country heading?  Is this how it begins?  Do we start with simply yelling at each other,  then we assault each other, then we kick out the minority that we disagree with. Then, do we start to build camps and then furnaces?
"Oh, that would never happen in the US!" you may say.  To that I have two words: "Manzanar" & "Topaz."  It has happened, and it could happen again.  Think about it.
Is this where we're headed?
This "patriot" (I'm using air quotes in my head because I don't think that he is one) this "patriot" is assaulting a young man for exercising his 1st amendment right of free speech.  And the young man is responding passively.  Do you think that the "patriot" would respond passively if someone tried to stomp out his rights?  I think the answer to that is obvious.
This happens on both sides of the aisle,  but I'm going to pick on the Tea Party because I feel that they are the most dangerous.
These people wrap themselves in the constitution, espousing the freedoms and rights afforded to every one in this, the greatest country on the planet (so they say), but then shut out those who stand in opposition to their views.
Don't you dare tell me to stop saying this, but I'm going to tell that guy to shut up.
You can't stop me from holding this rally,  but those freaks over there need to go home.
You can't make me take down this nativity, but that crescent has to go.

Freedom means freedom for all. There can be no other way. I wish people could see reason and see that we are all in this together.  What disturbs me that most about the graphic that my cousin posted is that an assault can be shared and celebrated on social media, and nobody could see the problem in the pictures. 

Maybe if we could come together, maybe our country could become great again.
I'm just saying.


Terri Porter said...

Amen! I totally agree.

Terri Porter said...

Amen! I totally agree

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