Thursday, March 03, 2016

Donald Trump? America, What Are You Smoking?

"F*** You, America! You're Fired!"

Super Tuesday is behind us and “The Donald” seems to have the Republican nomination all, but, wrapped up.  That is, unless the Republican National Committee figures out a way to take the nomination from him.

I have no doubt that they will find a way to rip the nomination away from him.
For now, they are content to run anti-Trump adds, to hit the news outlets with a full on smear campaign, and to pull out the heavy guns vis-a-vie Mitt Romney.

But I have to ask, as clownish as Trump is, with the absolute lunacy that spews, daily, from his face, why are Republicans voting for him?

Now granted, I am no lover of our current government, or of the status quo.  (Because the status is not quo! as Dr. Horrible would say). But I am not willing to put a total and utter clown into the white house, no matter how much “outsider” cred he says he has.

We’ll skip right over his support of David Duke and the KKK.  Or maybe, to be fair.  His, not quite, denying of their support and then returning to not deny support, but to blame a faulty earpiece that everyone seemed to take as a denial.  Did that make sense?  Do you get that he did not deny and then didn’t deny, by denying the denial due to a faulty piece of tech?  Ya, that was a masterful piece of denial.

So Glad I skipped over that.  Aren't you?

Onward and downward.

He’s going to build a wall, and he’s going to get Mexico to pay for it.
Has he ever said how he’s going to get that to happen.
Estimates vary depending on the source, but something between 20 billion and 50 billion US dollars are sent, every year, by undocumented workers to their families in Mexico.  Even on the low side, $20,000,000,000 is a tremendous amount of money.  $20 Billion is more than the gross national product of some countries.  Should I say it again?

Twenty Billion Dollars.

Why would Mexico agree to shut down such a tremendous part of their economy?  What country on the planet would willingly shut down a $20 Billion industry, and pay to do it? Answer: None!

Mr. Trump, you are smoking dope.

Also, a border wall really isn’t going to do anything.  According to Pew Research, the number of undocumented workers from Mexico is on the decline.  Their numbers show that the population of undocumented workers peaked at about 6.9 million in 2007 and was on a steady decline through to 2014, where the population was somewhere around 5.6 in 2014.  I can’t find numbers after that.  But maybe the Undocumented immigrants are going back to Mexico because we are even more screwed up than their government is.

Here’s one of my favorites.  When referring to the Affordable Care Act, Trump said, “You have no options… you can’t get competitive bidding.”
Such a lie!  Now I do have to admit, that in some places, there is only one company to go to because there is only one insurance company operating in that location, and that company may only have a couple of plans to choose from.  But this is usually in areas with low populations where it is not cost effective for more than one company to operate.  But that fact is, that even in those areas, you still have options.
You know, it’s funny.  When I ask conservatives why they don’t like “Obama Care” no many can give me a good answer.  In fact they usually just get mad at me.  When I break down the benefits of the AFA (Obama Care) part by part, they all seem to like that parts.  Trump is just jumping on this “Hate Obama Care” bandwagon.

This was a good one.  After the New Hampshire Primary, Trump said, “Don’t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment.  The number’s probably 28, 29, as high as 35.  In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent.”

Really Mr. Trump?  Half of all Americans are out of work?  And you all are still voting for him.  It boggles the mind.
Politifact gave him a “Pants on Fire” rating for that little gem.
At the height of the Great Depression, the unemployment rate in the US only reached an estimated 25%.  A quarter of the nation’s workforce was out of a job and there were soup lines, shanty towns, food riots, and all manner of problems.  Think about that.  an unemployment rate of only 25% did that, and Mr. Trump want’s us to believe that the US is in a depression that is almost TWICE as bad as the Great Depression?  And yet, he’s still getting votes.

Maybe it is true.  Maybe Trump really does love the Under-Educated.

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