Monday, July 11, 2016

Time for a Third Party?

I’ve found that there are quite a few Americans out there who feel trapped by the political process and have no idea which of the two underwhelming candidates to vote for this November.  If they vote for the Republican, they will be voting for a blow hard bigot and if they vote for the Democrat, they will be voting for an untrustworthy uber-politician.
There are many Americans who just can’t stomach either one.
I could be one of those undecided voters who just don’t know who to vote for and may just stay home this November.

For years we’ve been saying that it’s time for America to have a third party but the rules and policy changes that would allow a third party are constantly being blocked by the two major parties.

If a third party were ever to get a foothold, the two other parties would lose power and influence, and that would be like a nightmare to them and something that they just can’t allow to happen.  So, they create laws and policies to keep other parties from getting on the ballot, the major news outlets, in thrall to the two parties, create policies to keep the smaller parties from getting into the debates and give only minimal coverage to their campaigns, thus giving them no exposure, and no chance that they will make any kind of a difference to the country.  When they do cover any of the 3rd parties, the stories have a condescending “oh how cute” feel to them.

Recently, I received an email from one of the third party candidates informing me that they were trying to get on the ballot in Georgia and that in order to do so, they needed $30,000, the reason was that Georgia doesn’t recognize 3rd party candidates, so, in order for the candidate to be on the ballot in Georgia, the party needed to collect 15,000+ signatures, and then the state had to verify the signatures and would be charging the campaign $2 per signature to verify.
That is beyond ridiculous!  Who set up those rules?  State elected officials who are more beholden to the party they belong to than the country they are supposed to serve.

In a country that says that it honors free and open elections, any legitimate political party should be able to get their chosen candidate on the ballot.  To do otherwise is a disservice to the laws and traditions that made this country great.

Until the two major parties get punched in the nose by the American people, nothing will change.

For years, I have touted the idea of never voting for an incumbent with the idea of firing the career politicians.  I’ve modified my ideas on the subject.

NEVER vote for a republican or a democrat, ever, unless there are no other choices.  Let’s not just fire the career politicians, let’s fire the oppressive parties that back those do-nothing politicians.

Those who remember back to when Ross Perot ran for president back in 1992 as a third party candidate will recall that he ended up splitting the conservative vote, and putting President Bill Clinton in the White House.  Since then, voters worry about doing that again, and so, instead of finding a candidate (from any party) that best reflects their ideas, they plug their noses and vote against the candidate that least reflects their ideas.  They vote for the lesser of two evils.

Well, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.
Those of you who plan to vote for Trump because you can’t stomach Secretary Clinton, or vice versa, are voting for evil.  Plain and simple, you are perpetuating the problem.  So you have a choice:
  1. Vote for evil and perpetuate the problem
  2. Stay home and not vote at all.
  3. Find a 3rd party candidate who best represents you and your ideals.

This year there are two perfectly viable candidates for president who are not Republican or Democrat, and who, represent conservatives and liberals better than the two major parties.

Gary Johnson is from the Libertarian Party.  He’s a former Republican Governor of New Mexico.  I really don’t know much more about him other than he seems to hold up the traditional conservative values without being a lunatic (I’m looking at Trump when I say that.)
You can find out about him at

Jill Stein is the candidate for the Green Party.  If you were a Bernie Sanders supporter, like I was, Stein should make you all kinds of happy because she stands for just about everything that he did.  I like Jill Stein, and I plan to vote for her this November.
You can find out about her at

By throwing my hat in with Jill Stein, am I throwing away my vote on someone who cannot win? Many will say that.  The way I look at it is this.  I am voting my conscience. I am voting the way our founders envisioned our elections.  They didn’t design this system to be a sporting event, all of us sitting in front of the televisions with beer and pizza watching the states fall to blue or red, cheering our side.

Every year I watch Utah turn red with 0% of the returns counted, because Utah is a traditionally Red State.  This year, Mormons just can’t stomach Trump, but without another candidate, they may just stay home, leaving the conservative wack-jobs to vote for Trump.  If my fellow Mormons would just get out and vote for Stein or Johnson, the news outlets wouldn’t know what to do!

Wouldn’t it be great if on election night, the news people called Utah Red, and then later that night had to back off their prediction?  Oh my gosh that would be so awesome!  I would love to see Utah go Green, or whatever color they decide to make the Libertarians.  If it’s going to happen, this is the year to do it.

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