Friday, September 09, 2016

I’ve been reading back through my posts as of late, and realize that I haven’t written anything hopeful lately.
But I ask you, is there anything to be hopeful about?
I look at the four candidates for President, (two of whom have a snowball’s chance of getting in, and the other two are a combined disaster) and I ask, “What have we become?”
Forget the President, what about the Congress?
Fools and liars so embedded with the big corporations that they could care less about the people they supposedly represent.
Yesterday, my daughter went in for her middle school checkup.  She has a strange allergy to chocolate, and we are supposed to have an epipen for her.  We had to tell her doctor, that we would not be filling that prescription because we could not spend $200 out of pocket to fill the prescription (my insurance would cover the other $400 or so, luckily).
A life saving medication and device that reportedly costs $30 to manufacture and place on pharmacy shelves, marked up to $600?
Greedy Bastards!
Congress says, “There’s going to be an investigation!”
Right, there will be a pretend, dog and pony show of an investigation, the drug companies will write large checks to congressional incumbents and super-pacs, drug prices will continue to go up in order to pay for those congressional bribes (er, I mean, donations) and the American people will continue to take it in the shorts.  Life will continue to go on it’s merry way and nothing will change.

And you wonder why I am so disgusted with my country?
You wonder why I don’t recite the “Pledge of Allegiance?”
You wonder why I don’t stand for the National Anthem?

Why should I?  Why should you?
Am I the only person in this God-Forsaken country who can see the corruption?

So, I’ll tell you what.
You go ahead,
Wave your little governmental logo and sing your little national theme song.
Go on pretending that the USA is still the greatest country in the world.
Me? I’ll do what I can to make real change, even if I have to turn my back on the rest of you.

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